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Review: From Dead to Worse, Charlaine Harris

This is book eight in the Sookie Stackhouse series.  I am reading these books in part for the challenge hosted over at Beth Fish Reads.

After the explosive disaster that was the vampire summit, Sookie needs some time to recover.  But she’s still worried about her missing boyfriend, Quinn, and fretting over the many changes in the vampire world.  Now that Sophie-Anne is seriously injured and has lost her closest bodyguard, the vampire state of Louisiana is virtually up for grabs.  The were world isn’t easy, either, with someone pitting the two factions against one another.  Sookie’s going to be dealing with a lot of changes and very soon.

This installment of the Sookie series possibly has the least amount of cohesive plot ever.  A lot of things are happening, but there isn’t necessarily one overarching point to it all.  A lot of this book is Sookie going about her life and coping with what’s happened.  I didn’t mind as much, but it was definitely a slower read than previous Sookie books because I wasn’t necessarily racing to find out what happened next.  The end, however, has made me really want to pick up the current last book in the series, the ninth one, to see what happens there.

My favorite part of this one was definitely the relationship between Sookie and Eric.  Like most people who read these books, I have a huge soft spot for Eric.  Ever since he and Sookie were together in the fourth book, I have decided that I want him and Sookie to give it a shot, even if it wouldn’t work.  I liked that he had something of a presence here and that he’s remembering what happened between them.  I also thought their blood bond was interesting, and I am wondering if Sookie’s new-found ability to feel his emotions will have repercussions for the rest of the series.

Even though From Dead to Worse was somewhat lacking in the solid plot department, it still had a lot of action and was a fun read.  So far, I can still recommend the series all the way.

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