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Review: Immortal Warrior, Lisa Hendrix

Ivar Graycloak and his comrades have a secret.  They spend half of each day as animals due to a curse from an evil sorceress.  Ivar has risen to prominence in Norman England and as a result, is given an heiress as a bride.  The king does not know that Ivar spends his days as an eagle.  Ivar wants to love his wife, Alaida, properly, but how can he do so when he’s keeping a terrible secret from her?

I’m still new to the world of paranormal romance, but I really liked this one.  It’s definitely romance, but I love the overarching plot of these men cursed to live as animals half the time and how they deal with it.  There is more to the story than just love between the hero and the heroine.  The romance is good, but the difficulties in their relationship definitely make this a fuller and more entertaining book.  I even liked both main characters; they were stubborn and realistic and they had misunderstandings just like any normal couple would.  Alaida was particularly good, in my opinion.  She really reacted the way I think a normal woman would react; she’s attracted to and likes her husband, but she’s confused and insulted when he vanishes every day without explanation.  Very nice characterization.

I’d call this a very solid, enjoyable romance and I’m looking forward to the next in this series!  Check it out on Amazon.

This review is part of a blog tour brought to you by Pump Up Your Book Promotion and thanks also go out to author Lisa Hendrix for my copy.


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