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Review: Inkdeath, Cornelia Funke

It’s a struggle to summarize this book because there are so many plot threads running through it.  Dustfinger is still dead and Farid is determined to revive him, even if it requires working with the oily Orpheus.  Mo becomes more and more like the Bluejay and not like the bookbinder he originally was.  Resa becomes increasingly intent on returning to the real world.  Elinor begins to hate her life among her books when she could be living in one.  And Meggie?  She’s still in love with Farid and mainly, very confused.

Like I said, there are almost too many plot threads running through this.  It had been a while since the first two for me so it took me a good few pages to recall what was actually going on, let alone figure out who everyone was again.  After that, the book dragged.  I dreaded Elinor’s chapters in particular.  The woman sat around complaining for a few pages each time until she finally got placed into the story, at which point she nearly vanished in the barrage of other characters.  What was the point there?  Meanwhile, Meggie, the supposed main character of this entire series, is relegated to the sidelines where her main focus is weeping about her father and worrying about who she actually loves.  I read one professional review that said that while Cornelia Funke is actually a great storyteller, the books have lost their original focus.  I agree with that.

That said, this book is still a great story once you get halfway into it, and it wraps up in a very satisfying way.  I enjoyed the ending very much and I didn’t regret reading it or anything like that.  I just didn’t quite get what I bargained for, and I can see the merit in wishing the story had ended with Inkheart.  I think, however, that the series is still worth reading.  It just has a few slow spots in the middle and I’m not sure it will keep a child’s interest.  It did keep mine, though.

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7 comments to Review: Inkdeath, Cornelia Funke

  • I was afraid to read more than your final paragraph, because I hate spoilers. But thanks for the review. I won’t go into Inkdeath with high expectations. I really liked the first two books, and plan to read this one next week or so.

  • I really enjoyed Inkdeath, although I can see how you might find it draggy in parts. Also, Meggie was never my favorite character, so I didn’t mind her being pushed to the sidelines so much. :)

  • I’ve heard so much about this series – I need to get it. Thanks for the review.

  • I have read the first in the series and enjoyed it but didn’t think it appropriate for, say, my ten year old niece. The second one is sitting on my shelf, awaiting my attention. Thanks for the review!

  • Thanks for the review. This one is on my to be read list for this year, and I like to hear what other people think of books I’m planning to read. =D

  • bj rosen

    i personally liked this book. What killed it though was the downbring in not exposing more of what meggie or the author dude could of done besides hiding the children(good chapter by the way). But i guess mo’s part of the story made up for it though. What i thought could have been more intersting was if megggie or mo read more things out of the book or something dramtic. Instead of cheese face doing all the voodo that meggie and mo can do with writings. But trufully an overall drag it ranks up there in the series of twilight and the wereling(for those who read it). I liked this sereis but i am just an evil book critic haha!

  • I have read Inkheart and Inkspell, and while they are good novels, I somehow don’t feel that raring energy to pick up the next book in the series. I took a long gap between Inkheart and Inkspell, and I am pretty sure I will take a longer gap before I move on to Inkdeath.

    And, I am glad the series ends with just the 3 novels.