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Review: Juror No. 7, Mallory Kane

Unfortunately for Lily Raines, mob boss Castellano has chosen her as the juror who will end the murder case against one of his lackeys by voting “not guilty” even though the evidence is clear.  Luckily, she has undercover cop Brand Gallagher on her side.  He’ll do anything to get Castellano, but he can’t bring himself to kill Lily and instead kidnaps her, prompting a startling resolution and a new chance for both of them.

I haven’t read a Harlequin romance in years, and certainly never one of these “intrigue” series.  It’s not my type, even though I read a bit of romantic suspense when I was trying to figure out what I liked.  This book, however, is less than 300 pages long and was free, so why wouldn’t I read it?

I didn’t dislike it, I can give it that much.  It definitely felt like a formulaic romantic suspense, though.  Heroine is threatened, heroine feels safe with hero but he has that dangerous edge that makes him sexy, hero and heroine fall in love magically after spending two days together, etc.  I guess you could say that about all romances, but this one isn’t far out from the mold, and I didn’t find the suspense part particularly suspenseful.  I could tell what was going to happen because there just aren’t many ways this story can go.  It was moderately entertaining and probably a good way to waste some time, but Mallory Kane isn’t doing anything new here, just providing a run-of-the-mill romance.  I guess that’s why it’s a Harlequin.

Recommended only if you like the formula of romantic suspense. Buy Juror No. 7 on Amazon.


1 comment to Review: Juror No. 7, Mallory Kane

  • Hi Meghan.

    Thanks for reading Juror No. 7. I was pleased and excited to find this review.

    I agree with you that Juror has all the attributes of all romances. And your succinct wrap-up of what romance stories often entail is fabulous. I’m probably going to use that quote! Of course I’ll give you credit.

    I love writing books in which “the hero and heroine fall in love magically after spending two days together.” What could be more romantic?

    I know the reason I love that idea of love at first sight — it’s because that’s how my parents met and got married. No, neither one of them were being threatened with imminent death. However, my father had just gotten back from combat, and he saw my mother walking into a furniture store in their hometown, and he said to his brother, “There’s the girl I’m going to marry.”

    Two months later they married, and when my mother died in February of 2008, they had been married 61 years.

    I feel very fortunate that I can write stories that thousands of people love to read. It’s a dream come true for me.

    If you like, you could check out SILENT GUARDIAN, my January 2009 book. It’s just been nominated for the Bookseller’s Best Award for 2009. Another 3-day love story.

    Thanks for your review!