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Review: New Moon, Stephenie Meyer

Bella Swan is still deliriously happy to be with Edward Cullen, the love of her life who just happens to be a vampire.  It’s Bella’s eighteenth birthday, but it reminds her that she is growing older while Edward remains a teenager.  Regardless, he wants to celebrate and whisks her off to the Cullen household for a party.  At the party, Bella falls and tears her arm open, bleeding everywhere and exposing her vulnerability to the world as the vampires can hardly keep themselves away.  Convinced he’s doing the right thing, the family, including Edward, leave Bella behind.  This devastating separation drives Bella closer to Jacob, who has a secret of his own, and results in misunderstandings and drama as the strength of Bella, Edward, and their relationship is pushed to the limit.

This doesn’t really need a review, as there are reviews scattered across the entire internet, so this is more a collection of thoughts than a proper review.

Various other bloggers told me I would and in fact I did like this book better because of Edward’s absence.  Bella whined, but at least I didn’t have to hear about how perfect he was for pages on end.  I like Jacob much better than Edward.  He seems more like a real person.  He is, of course, in love with Bella and he’s gorgeous, but I prefer his earnest, cheerful personality.  I know how the series ends, but I’d have firmly declared myself for “Team Jacob” if I was 10 years younger and paid attention to the fuss surrounding the release of Breaking Dawn.  In fact, I liked this book all around better than Twilight.  Yeah, their relationship is more or the less full of the same problems that bugged me the first time, but I think I’m beginning to “get” why teenage girls are so enthralled with Edward.  He really will do anything for Bella and it probably is his devotion that teenagers want.  I don’t think I’d want a boyfriend who would kill himself if I died, but at 13, I’m sure I would have thought it terribly romantic.

I’m a little annoyed with Bella’s self-deprecating attitude though; it seems worse here.  She values herself based on the attention that others give her.  She only recovers from her depression when she has a new admirer in Jacob.  I think this series would have been stronger had Bella come into her own and not just followed the whims of her vampire boyfriend or werewolf best friend.  That said, I haven’t finished the series, so maybe she does, at least a little.  I’ll find out as I plan on continuing.  I know what happens, but these books are fun, even with their irritating edges.  I still think I’d have to talk to any children of mine about the messages this series is conveying, but I don’t have to worry about that and can focus more on the enjoyable factor.

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8 comments to Review: New Moon, Stephenie Meyer

  • After reading Twilight I just couldn’t bring myself to read the rest of the series.

    You can read my review here if you’re interested, but basically, I just couldn’t get past the overdone writing and the clear pandering to abstinence only education.

    And I know how the series ends, so I think it would give me false hope if I read the two middle books and thought Bella might not turn out totally brain dead. Puss Reboots http://www.pussreboots.pair.com/blog/2009/comments_04/host.html reviewed The Host and Stephanie Meyer just does not get any better, even when trying to write for adults.

    BonnieBelle’s last blog post..I’m a Travelin’ Girl

  • Yes. I hated that part about Bella. Her self-worth is way too caught up in Edward and in having a man/boy like her. I hated that being without Edward even brought on such an intense depression. I think she’s a bad role model in a lot of ways.

    That’s not to say that I didn’t find plenty to like about the books — I did. But I like stronger women characters.

  • Yeah, Bella was my biggest problem with these books. That’s for sure! All she does is whine and complain! Really, the series would have been so much better if she was a stronger character. I think anyway!

    Kailana’s last blog post..A Distant Soil – Volume 1 – The Gathering by Colleen Doran

  • I was re-reading Twilight the other night, and in a lot of ways the rest of the series is just Twilight re-written, but with werewolves and a vampire baby at the end. :) I really enjoyed New Moon–I thought it better-written than Twilight–but at the same time it’s difficult to read through because of Bella’s attachment to Edward.

    She does start bossing him around in the next book, though.

    heidenkind’s last blog post..Wallander

  • I didn’t care for Edward. Being older you see how possessive he is. I can see why younger readers love him, but Jacob is a better character. I read all three? books of the series and disliked Bella more and more as the series went on. The great thing about the series it’s a page turner and fun to read.

    Vasilly’s last blog post..Booking Through Thursday: Gluttony

  • I liked New Moon the best for just that reason – Edward leaves. I like Jacob much better, and frankly, was mad that Bella couldn’t see what a better choice he was!

    Elizabeth’s last blog post..TSS – Review – My Abandonment by Peter Rock

  • Despite ALL the flaws in these books I still really enjoyed reading them. And I definitely liked Jacob better. :)

    Heather J.’s last blog post..Number the Stars

  • Bella is ridiculously annoying for the entirety of New Moon – I could barely get through this one!