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Review: On the Way to the Wedding, Julia Quinn

When I’m stressed, I read historical romance novels.  It’s a fact of my life.  They’re quick reads, they are entertaining, and they give my brain a break from any sort of serious thought for a few hours.  Besides that, I can get a bag for $1 used whenever I like, so they’re a cheap way to relax.  The other day I decided to pick this one up.  It won a RITA award in 2007, so I knew it had to be one of the best of the genre, and I had read and enjoyed another book by Julia Quinn a few years ago.

Gregory Bridgerton has always expected that love would hit him like a thunderbolt, that he will just know when he meets the woman with whom he is meant to spend the rest of his life.  When he sees Miss Hermione Watson, he knows.  Although Hermione is smitten with her father’s secretary, her best friend Lady Lucinda Abernathy knows that Mr. Bridgerton is a far better match, and sets about trying to help Gregory win her friend.  After all, Lucy can’t have him, she’s practically engaged; or can she?

We know right from the start that Lucy and Gregory are the intended couple here, and it works.  Crushes aren’t love and it’s easier to see them get along than it is to see Gregory stumble all over himself when Hermione barely gives him a second glance.  I don’t really expect realism from these historical romances, but I found this one to be cute and sweet and often very funny.  Lucy and Gregory’s banter is endearing and engaging and I liked watching them fall in love against their better judgment.  This one isn’t too racy, either, which is always nice; I prefer to read about two people that genuinely like each other rather than a couple that just wants a legitimate way to have sex all the time.

This is a cute, sweet read, and I’d recommend it for romance readers; it’s a terrific example of the genre. Buy this book on Amazon.


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