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Review: One Night in London, Caroline Linden

one night in londonEdward de Lacey’s father reveals, on his deathbed, that he and his two brothers may be without an inheritance after all. That’s because, unknown to everyone, the duke was married – and not divorced – before he married their mother. The heir, Charles, is a wastrel and may now be without any money to waste; Gerard, the youngest, solves his problems with force. That leaves Edward, the middle son and always the one in charge of the estate, to hire a solicitor and get the de Lacey family back to its rightful position. Unfortunately, he snatches London’s top solicitor out from under the nose of Lady Francesca Gordon, who wants to win custody of her niece from the girl’s stepmother, who won’t allow Francesca to even see the girl. As recompense, Francesca demands he help her find another solicitor, in exchange for silencing the tabloid rumors about the brothers’ illegitimacy.

As Francesca and Edward’s partnership develops and their cases progress, they grow closer, but at what cost to both of them?

This was a sweet, endearing romance; I really liked both of the main characters, particularly Edward. I think most women are fond of the strong, silent type; Edward certainly has emotions, but he’s good at hiding them behind a more reserved exterior. When the scandal breaks out, his fiance leaves him, and it’s his own fault for telling her. What makes it even sadder was that he was convinced he loved her, at least until he meets fiery Francesca.

It’s pretty obvious from the start that these characters actually work quite well together, as they become invested in one another’s problems and truly develop a partnership as well as a romance. One Night in London is a sweet story that many romance lovers will enjoy – although I’m really not sure about that cover. Don’t let it stop you from enjoying this one!

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