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Review: River Marked, Patricia Briggs

river markedAt long last, Mercy Thompson and Adam Hauptman get married, the human counterpart to the fact that they’ve been mated for a while. The marriage is refreshingly normal, given the fact that werewolves and fae are in attendance, and Mercy and Adam head off on their honeymoon to a park in a deluxe trailer. Unfortunately for what they were planning, a fae sent them there for this purpose, and the fae rarely do anything out of the goodness of their hearts. Finding a man with his leg nearly sliced off, his sister missing, and several European otters in the nearby river is only the beginning.

Patricia Briggs has never let me down with this series, and maintains the great character and relationships that have been the hallmark of this series since the start in this latest installment. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is happy to see Mercy and Adam finally married. Their relationship is so sweet and perfectly suited to both of their characters. It’s hard not to like it.

As for the rest of the book, we encounter a few tidbits from Mercy’s past as the newlyweds find themselves encountering quite a few Native Americans, including Coyote, who Mercy met in her coming of age vision years ago, only sensible because she shifts into a coyote. The plot is good and solid and certainly kept me turning the pages, so no complaints here.

It’s always difficult to review a book like this, late in a series, so I think I’ll leave it here; River Marked is a book well worth reading and the entire  series comes highly recommended by me for anyone who enjoys urban fantasy.

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