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Review: Silver Borne, Patricia Briggs

This is book five in the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs and as such there may be spoilers for the first four books. Check out my review of Moon Called, the first book in the series.

The fae are possessive and secretive.  So when Mercy Thompson’s friend, who is slightly fae but mostly human, loaned her a book, she probably shouldn’t have accepted it.  But she did, and now he’s disappeared and a faery queen wants that book from her.  Meanwhile, her dear friend and former love Samuel is losing his will to live, letting his wolf take over (a dangerous situation for any werewolf) and she’s still trying to navigate the murky waters of her new and uncertain mate bond with Adam, the alpha of her new werewolf pack.

I’ve said it on every single review of these books but I love them!  I think they’re fantastic and Patricia Briggs has a great story in every book.  She never goes too far, it’s always just the right mixture of plot and character development.  In each book, the main plot wraps up but the overarching plot keeps developing – the characters grow and change over the whole series.  This book isn’t an exception.  I loved returning to her world and picking up the same characters’ stories.

In this particular volume of the installment, I really appreciated where the characters’ relationships went.  I have always totally loved Adam and I’m so encouraged by his relationship with Mercy.  It was fantastic that there was more of him in this book.  And Samuel – I may not like him as much as Adam, but I was still very captivated by what was going on with him in this book.  I liked how she wove in aspects from her other Alpha and Omega series, too, because I also like Charles and Anna.

I liked the plot, too.  I didn’t remember the person who lent Mercy the book, but I thought enough was explained that it didn’t matter.  It wasn’t entirely suspenseful because I didn’t think anything particularly bad was going to happen to the characters (although I have been shocked by that in other series) but I was definitely intrigued by what happened.  In fact, the book captivated me enough that I could read it in the space of three hours while sitting in a noisy van moving furniture.  Yes, it’s that absorbing.

In short, I still love this series!  And now I have a really, really long time to wait for the next installment.  But when it comes out, I’ll be reading.  I highly recommend Silver Borne and the rest of the Mercedes Thompson series to anyone who likes urban fantasy.

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