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Review: The Darkest Touch, Jaci Burton

It’s not a secret that I didn’t really like my first foray into paranormal romance.  So many people love it, though, that I had to give it another chance.  I’m happy that I had The Darkest Touch on my shelf because, while it isn’t perfect, it is vastly better and was a very enjoyable read.

Angelique, an archaeologist, and Ryder, a demon hunter, shared a single kiss in Australia before their passion was cut short; when Angie’s touch doesn’t ignite the black diamond or cause her to become the Queen of Darkness, a power demonic figure, a war erupts between demons and humans.  Terrified, Angie takes the diamond and hides it from everyone, including Ryder, who is sure that he can no longer trust her.  They can only stay apart for so long, however, as the war rages on and becomes more personal than Angie had ever imagined.

Well, if you like romance, this is definitely one for you.  It’s quite steamy (but in a more appropriate way between couples that should be doing it!) and involves two couples, the second of which I imagine will be starring in their own book soon as their story didn’t conclude.  While it was predictable in the form of all romance novels, since romance goes in just about one direction, the author kept the demon plotline moving and threw in some twists to keep me interested.  I’m a bit sorry I haven’t read Jaci’s previous novels, as I generally find attachment to characters really enriches reading romances.  Regardless, I’m off to find them now, because I really did enjoy this.  Romances are guilty pleasures for me and I think I’ll be happy to continue reading Ms. Burton’s work!

If you’re interested in trying paranormal romance, this is a good place to start!  Check it out on Amazon.


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