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Review: The Foundling, Georgette Heyer

The Duke of Sale, a fragile child, has never known his parents.  Instead, his life had mostly been run by his well-meaning uncle and servants, who are convinced that if he deviates from their instructions, disastrous consequences will ensue.  Tired of being managed and determined to find out if he’s a man or a mouse, Sale ventures off to prove himself.  Conveniently, two young people emerge as needing his protection, and after a variety of hijinks, Sale begins to discover who he is and what he values in his life.

I love Georgette Heyer’s books.  This one was, as I expected, just delightful.  It is primarily a journey of discovery for the Duke of Sale, who is a charming character.  His relatives ignore his wishes and mollycoddle him, annoying him just as much as they annoy us.  As a reader, I was thrilled for him when he broke their bonds and went out into the world to see what it was like.

I love how funny Heyer is, too.  She’s renowned for writing romances, but this is so much more than that.  Sale’s adventures are genuinely  entertaining and I read this book with a smile on my face.  Tom, a young boy he somewhat rescues, is such a character.  He acts just like a boy of that age and even though he annoys everyone around him, he’s so true to life.  Belinda, as a contrast, is too silly for words, but even as she is unrealistic, she is also absolutely hilarious.  She’s neatly countered by Sale’s fiancee, Harriet, a charming and sensible woman that I wanted Sale to fall in love with as soon as possible.  Sale and Harriet are engaged due to an arrangement between their families, but I immediately wanted it to be something more as soon as they encountered one another in the book.

Heyer’s language would probably give someone new to her pause, because it’s quite old-fashioned, but I find it charming.  Once I’m reading, I almost don’t want to go back to modern language.  After a few pages, I’m sure anyone would get past their qualms and settle in to enjoy the story and characters for themselves.

I definitely recommend The Foundling. This is such an enchanting book.  I really can’t wait to read more by Georgette Heyer.

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