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Review: The Girl Who Chased the Moon, Sarah Addison Allen

After Emily Benedict’s mother dies, she goes to live in Mullaby, North Carolina, the hometown that Dulcie Benedict left behind and never discussed, with the grandfather she never knew she had.  Emily wants to learn more about her mother’s past, but in the process she finds a house where the wallpaper changes, where lights dash through the forest behind her house, and where some people have a “sweet sense” and can see cakes being baked.  Emily’s neighbor, Julia, a former outcast, does her part to help Emily adjust to the knowledge of her mother’s past, but she has to face some demons of her own.

While I found Allen’s last offering, The Sugar Queen, to be a little too sweet, I thought this book found the perfect balance.  I loved all the characters, even if they’d made mistakes in their past.  Julia’s story in particular I found to be heart-wrenching, but she had me cheering for her throughout the entire book.  She has a more mature story, knowing all the town’s secrets, while Emily has a lot to learn.  There are two separate love stories in the book, but neither is really given much preference and both are wonderful.

I also really enjoyed the doses of magic spread throughout.  They never seem out of place, but fit beautifully within the story and add to it, not at all taking away from the feelings or personalities of the characters.  The Girl Who Chased the Moon never feels unrealistic or absurd.  It is fairly light fiction but I loved it and I’m very much looking forward to further books from Sarah Addison Allen.

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