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Review: The Host, Stephenie Meyer

When the alien soul Wanderer is implanted into Melanie Stryker’s brain, Melanie refuses to fade away.  Earth has been taken over by these small souls who are seemingly peaceful and desire to placate the human race like they have with so many other races.  Some humans, though, fight back, and using her memories, Melanie persuades Wanderer to seek out her lover and her brother, leaving behind this so-called peaceful society and entering the world of renegade humans.

Just a few general comments since this has been reviewed over and over:

I was a little impressed with the relationships in this book in comparison to Twilight.  I didn’t like Jared in the book, but I did like the Jared in Melanie’s memories.  I found Wanderer’s love story to be very believable, though, and I was surprised by that considering how I felt about Edward and Bella.  I thought Wanderer a little too submissive, unfortunately, but Meyer creates a society in which her submissive characters belong.  Even Melanie goes quiet after a while despite her determined personality; it seems none of her females have much of a backbone.  Mostly, I just appreciated the better relationships, most particularly the one between Melanie and Wanderer.

That said, I liked the story.  It dragged in the middle when everyone was getting used to Wanderer’s presence, but otherwise I thought it was a quite interesting take on the “bodysnatchers” idea.  For science fiction, it didn’t put me off, and I managed to read the entire book over 2 days.  I worried about the characters on their raids, I wanted them to succeed, and overall I thought the book asked a few interesting questions about the ideals of humanity.  Honestly, I liked it, and I would recommend it.  

The one thing I don’t really understand is how this is more of an adult book than Twilight.  Sure, the characters aren’t teenagers, but not much else changed with regards to prose style, language, or offensive content.  Thoughts?

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