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Review: The Ruins of Gorlan, John Flanagan

When the day comes for masters to choose apprentices, Will is nervous.  He wants to go to Battle School and become a warrior like he believes his father was, but he is small and comparatively weak, unlike his friend Horace who is an immediate choice for a future as a knight.  Instead, he is chosen by Ranger Halt.  Will doesn’t know what to expect from his new future as Ranger’s apprentice, but he quickly realizes that it isn’t as easy as he thought.

I have heard a lot about the Ranger’s Apprentice series, so I was excited when I found a box set of the first three.  Seemed like an ideal time to jump in, and I didn’t doubt that I’d like it since so many others had.  Of course, I loved it, and quickly grew to care for Will and Halt and Horace in the space of one short book.  It certainly reads like a YA book with certain lessons that can be gleaned, but is enchanting enough for adults too, as it’s good solid fantasy.  The world is interesting and I want to learn more about it, the characters are endearing, the action and plot are great, and the writing is the perfect tone and level for this type of young adult book.  I can’t wait for number two!

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2 comments to Review: The Ruins of Gorlan, John Flanagan

  • I read this last year when I was trying to find some good YA fantasy for my mom’s high school english students. I really enjoyed it – I’ve been accumulating the next few in the series, so will hopefully get to read them soon.

  • I’ll repost my comment from the other day. I have the first of the series in my MP3 player. I’m hoping to start listening in the next few weeks. Now I’m really looking forward to the series.