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Review: The Tenth Case, Joseph Teller

Jaywalker is a spectacular defense attorney.  He manages to get nearly all of his clients acquitted, which is miraculous when a 50% rate is fantastic.  He does, sometimes, engage in rather shady practices to get these clients acquitted; nothing illegal, but behavior that is not encouraged.  As a result, he faces suspension for three years, but he is allowed to complete ten ongoing cases before the suspension.  The first nine are easy, but the tenth case turns out to be far from that.

I’m not familiar with law type stuff.  See, that word choice should demonstrate to you how unfamiliar I am with it.  It’s never been one of my interests and the most I’ve been exposed to is the video game series Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney which is vastly unlike real courtroom events.  Obviously, because it’s a video game and designed to be fun and entertaining, while I’m assuming most court cases and such are not.  As I said, I wouldn’t know.

Anyway, my lack of background made this book quite educational for me.  I knew cases took forever, but it was interesting to read about what was happening when, why it took so long, what the “normal” practice for attorneys is, etc.  This book is fiction so I’m not taking it all as cold hard fact, but it’s closer than I’ve ever come before.  It also didn’t assume that I knew anything and the narrator explained everything.  I did find the book to be a little repetitive by the end.  The facts of Samara’s case were stated so many times I could have recited them at any point in the past couple of days.  Also how impossible it is for Jaywalker to win, there’s just no chance, she’s going to jail, and so on.  It did seem like a lot of the same there, and constant build-up like that means the reader already knows what the ending will be.  I’ll admit the rest of the ending was clever, though.

I’ll probably be reading the next book in this new series.  For now, I’d recommend this as a legal thriller of sorts that is easily accessible, even by ignorant me. Buy this book on Amazon.


4 comments to Review: The Tenth Case, Joseph Teller

  • I’ve seen other good reviews of this book, but frankly, I find the cover quite scary!

  • I read this one recently too and liked it. I am familiar with the criminal court process and was really impressed with how accurate it was–even being that I’m across the country in an entirely different state than the author. I did think it was slow in parts, however. I’ll probably read the next book in the series too.

  • I have this on my shelf to read this week. I’m glad it’s “easily accessible” … what a great phrase for a book!

  • I am reading this one right now. I like Jaywalker, even though he’s a little sleezy. I won’t go as far as to call him Rhett, but that’s how I like my men – at least in fiction. :)