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Review: Truly, Madly by Heather Webber

trulymadlyLucy Valentine’s family have been matchmakers for as long as anyone can remember.  Each member of the family sees a colored aura around people, enabling them to match the perfect couples.  Due to a strange accident in Lucy’s youth, she can no longer see these auras, but she can find people’s lost belongings.  That’s no use in the family business, however, and so Lucy is at loose ends when her father leaves her in charge.  She doesn’t stay that way for long with sexy private investigator Sean Donahue upstairs and a murder mystery to solve.  Perhaps Lucy’s talent for finding lost things will come in handy after all.

This was a really cute, light read.  Lucy is a charming character and I definitely wanted success for her.  I could understand how terrified she was to match couples when she didn’t actually have the ability to tell if the romances were going to work, and I thought her efforts to get people to give one another a try were really sweet.  Her own beginning romance was cute, too, but doesn’t wrap up as neatly as most novels would have done.  I suspect it will continue to grow in later books of this series.

The mystery was fairly predictable, but I didn’t expect anything else to be honest!  The groundwork for the solution is well-laid and for once I actually picked up on it, and as a result I was groaning when Lucy willingly threw herself into danger without putting the pieces together.  While this would ordinarily have irritated me, for some reason it didn’t here as I knew the plot had to wrap up and this was the only way it could happen.  Lucy’s talent was intriguing and I was glad she put it to good use.

Truly, Madly certainly isn’t going to make my favorites of the year, but it is definitely a perfect choice for anyone who wants a fun, romantic read.

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