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Review: Undead and Unwelcome, MaryJanice Davidson

Betsy Taylor, queen of the vampires, has to bring the body of her dead werewolf friend Antonia back to her pack.  Unfortunately, the pack resides on Cape Cod, a very dangerous place for a vampire queen, especially when that pack not only believes she got one of their own killed, but is determined to forget that they pushed Antonia out in the first place.  With her husband, Sinclair, and adopted baby/half-brother BabyJon in tow, she sets off to confront the werewolves.  Meanwhile, her sister, who happens to be the daughter of the devil, has started to go a little crazy.  How much can Betsy deal with?

This has got to be one of the fluffiest books I have ever read, and I don’t mean that in a bad way.  It’s ridiculous and it knows that it’s ridiculous.  Betsy is not only queen of the vampires, but she’s obsessed with shoes!  And shopping!  Honestly, normally that is not my taste, but the book contains very little mention of those besides other characters teasing Betsy about her obsessions.  In fact, I laughed throughout most of this book.  Between Betsy’s assistant, who uses ridiculous acronyms in his emails to her, her sister’s crazy devil worshipping followers, and people’s reactions after Betsy rises from the dead (apparently vampire queens can do this), I had so much fun.

This was also an interesting test for me.  I hadn’t read any of the other books in the series when I got this one and I didn’t have time or money to buy and read the preceding seven, so I more or less jumped right in.  I was curious to see how well I would get on with the story having little to no knowledge of everything that had come before.  There was a recap in the beginning of the book which quickly filled me in on the background information.  This means I have been a little spoiled for all the preceding books, but perhaps more importantly I now want to read them just because sometimes we all need a laugh.  I think having read all of the preceding books may have helped me feel a little more strongly for the characters – I’d just love to read how Betsy and Sinclair fell in love – but it certainly didn’t hinder my enjoyment.

This is what I’d call urban fantasy lite.  Don’t read it if you’re looking to think and don’t read it if you can’t deal with supernatural beings.  Read it if you’re looking to laugh and have a fun afternoon in a world that has a few more species than our own.  This is an ideal airplane read, especially given its short length, although you might get a few funny looks when you start giggling!  I’ll certainly happily pick up more of this series and save them for when I need a break.

Undead and Unwelcome  is available from Amazon and Amazon UK.


11 comments to Review: Undead and Unwelcome, MaryJanice Davidson

  • Well, since I’m headed for Cape Cod next month, I’m a little disturbed to hear about all this vampire/werewolf activity there! This sounds like a fun read – how could you not love a vampire obsessed with shopping?!

    JLS Hall’s last blog post..Teaser Tuesdays: Dear Old Mom

  • Libby

    I like the review! I didn’t know much about the series. A friend of mine read these recently. (as a quick beach read) I like “urban-fantasy”.. well, some of it! I do want to check out atleast the first book in this series sometime this summer for a light read when I need a good laugh.. :)

    SO many books to read!! I need another 100 years, I think.

  • Sounds like a cute read. I need to try some urban fantasy!

    Kathy’s last blog post..Wondrous Words Wednesday

  • Yay I’m really looking forward to (eventually) starting this series, because it sounds insanely fluffy. I might see if I can pick up a second hand copy for my holiday. Glad to know it holds up over the course of so many books.

    Jodie’s last blog post..Nerds Heart YA – Win, Win, Win

  • You must read the first one! Her first thought when she sits up in her coffin, is not “I’m dead” or “Why am I not dead” but “Who put me in this ugly outfit with plastic shoes”! I am not normally a fan of fluff, but I really have had fun reading these books. I’m not yet caught up with them, but they always have laugh-out-loud moments.

    Beth F’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday (June 3)

  • This sounds like a really fun series! I will have to check the first one out, glad you had such a good time with it.

    Zibilee’s last blog post..A World I Never Made by James Lepore – 262 pgs

  • I turned several of my coworkers onto this series recently. I’m not sure how many books I’m behind at this point, but I’ve read the first several. I enjoy the series for what it is, but it’s not my favorite. I much prefer Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire series. It is good though for a laugh, as you say. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    Literary Feline’s last blog post..Interview with Author Mary Stanton, Angel’s Advocate

  • Kay

    This look like such a fun read! I love when a book doesn’t take itself seriously! (and I love this cover so much more than the one I can get here!)

    Kay’s last blog post..50 books in 2009!

  • This one sounds great! Sometimes I’m just so ready for fluff, and when you put fluff and funny together in a book that doesn’t sound like it takes itself too seriously – well, that’s a perfect summer read. I’m definitely going to have to try out this series.

    Belle’s last blog post..June and July Giftaway

  • Caissa

    Hey guys!! I am into vampires lately (though i am on the romantic side of vamps)..I have read CH’s Southern Vampire Series (Books 1-9); Twilight Saga (Books 1-4); and Undead Series (Books 1-7)..Its not yet available but I am looking forward on reading this book… You’ll love Betsy… She’s amazing.. Vain, loving, powerful, and all!!!! You’ll laugh at her vanity… Just imagine a powerful creature easily persuaded with shoes!!Don’t dare ruin her shoes or outfit and you’ll surely regret it…

  • Canada

    Sorry, but this was a very disappointing read. It wasn’t entertaining, it wasn’t humorous and it was very badly written.
    I truly enjoyed the first books but with the change in cover art came an equally changed caliber of writing – now it’s just silly and all the characters, from Betsy on down, are not only stupid, they are actually irritating and ultimately unlikeable.
    Had this been the first book of the Betsy series that I picked up, it would also have been the last.
    I think the author has exhausted her creativity where this series is concerned.
    Sometimes, it’s just time to call it a day and move on.