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Review: Wicked Becomes You, Meredith Duran

Wicked Becomes YouGwen Maudsley may be only a Miss, but she’s beautiful, wealthy, and kind enough to be one of the most popular debutantes of her day.  Gwen’s parents spent their lives wishing for her to become a perfect lady, so she’s spent her time trying to catch a title with her three million pounds.  Twice, she almost succeeds, but when the second man leaves her at the altar, Gwen wonders if it’s time to ditch her “nice” reputation and see what it’s like to be wicked.  The object of her attention?  Alex Ramsay, her late brother’s best friend, well known for his rakish tendencies and travels the world over.

I really, really enjoyed this book.  I bought all of Meredith Duran’s previous books and virtually inhaled them through the last couple of months, so I was absolutely thrilled to receive this for review.  Part of me was a little worried that I’d be disappointed – I know others have been – but I found this to be a satisfying, perfectly romantic read throughout.  Duran is the romance author to watch these days, if you’re asking me.

This book feels a lot less emotionally tortured than her previous books, which I thought was a nice change.  She still writes extraordinary well, and is IMO one of the most talented writers in the genre today.  I  could actually focus on this book with the TV on, something I normally struggle a lot with.  But I can see how other fans of Duran would be disappointed, simply because it’s lacking that degree of suffering.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of emotional resonance here.  Gwen and Alex have a number of problems to work through before they can truly be together.  But there is certainly a lighter edge to this book, especially in the interactions between them, some of which were just plain fun.

In the end, I pretty much loved Wicked Becomes You.  I’m almost wishing I’d left one of Duran’s books to savor while I’m waiting for her next one!  But trust me, she’s on my auto buy list and she’ll be my first recommendation for romance readers from here on out.

I am an Amazon Associate. I received this book for free from the publisher for review.


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