June 2024
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The Blue Sword, Robin McKinley

This Newbery Honor Book chronicles the adventures of Harry, a young girl who has just moved to Damar following the demise of both of her parents.  Unexpectedly, Harry loves the desert land, but she dislikes her position as a ward.  Little does she know what lies in store when the Hillfolk King, Corlath, comes for her in the night, but it is more than she ever dreamed.

Just like The Hero and the Crown, I loved this book.  I was a bit worried when starting it, as it didn’t seem to be close to the same and I’d got my hopes up.  As soon as Corlath kidnapped Harry, though, I was hooked.  McKinley has a style of writing that makes her books feel like fairy tales, completely enchanting and absorbing.  It’s so easy to feel Harry’s emotions and get caught up in her story, just like I could feel for Aerin in the last book.  These are also great books for young girls.  The heroines are empowering and can take control of their own destinies.  Harry is no exception; when she knows that she has to do something, she doesn’t bow to the men in her life, and she accepts her possible fate.

Again, I wish I’d discovered these when I was younger!  They were even written at the right time for my age group.  Oh well.  I’m definitely on the lookout for more YA McKinley novels.  I’ll be recommending this one to everyone who is open to young adult fantasy. Buy this book on Amazon.


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