June 2024
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The Heartbreak Diet, Thorina Rose

Thorina doesn’t quite know what’s hit her when her husband begins an affair with his running partner.  She tries out a variety of different strategies to keep her family together, and this little graphic novel comprises her struggle and her eventual success.

The Heartbreak Diet is really charming and sweet.  The reader feels for Thorina immediately.  It’s very short – I read it in less than an hour, so I’m not sure if I should count it as a book in the July Book Blowout, but I have because I don’t think I’m going to struggle to meet my requirements.  I think it’s the illustrations that make it so memorable.  Thorina’s tear-streaked face and her husband, always from the side or from the back – he’s not well-defined, merely a symbol for a man.  So it’s clear almost immediately that her husband is no longer a part of her life, even before it’s explicitly decided.  The reader feels for Thorina, her story is so sympathetic.  I particularly enjoyed the snippets of advice from famous women and Thorina’s portraits of them.

There’s not much else to say, except this is certainly worth reading.  Thorina’s struggle to the top is a very sweet, cheering read, and considering it was so short, I really recommend it. Buy this book on Amazon.

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