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The Oracle’s Queen, Lynn Flewelling

Satisfying conclusion to an absorbing and enjoyable trilogy. Everything wraps up, except for one small detail which Ms. Flewelling says we can learn more about in Luck in the Shadows. Excellent, I already own that book, and I love it when authors tie all of their works together in small minor ways. Not big ones that require me to read every book they have ever read, but small ones that add recognition to otherwise fresh stories.

I didn’t really enjoy the polarization of good and evil, though.


Tamir (formerly Tobin) and Ki and all those on her side become visibly blessed by the gods and don’t really struggle all that much in the quest. The evil side is a little less defined; Niryn has been obviously vile from the beginning, and if anything this book confirms his ridiculous and unsympathetic ambition. We are given a glimpse into his childhood and can see why he wants to rise in power, but not really why that makes him so evil, although I expect the wizard who took him over may have had something to do with it.

Tamir becomes comfortable with her gender here and her doubts evaporate. She is never uncertain, like she was before. At times, she doesn’t even feel like Tobin, and I think the author may have lost the link between them. It also seems that the characters swear and make obscene gestures far more often here than ever before, which may be because they are growing older, but doesn’t fit with who they were before.

This is a trilogy where the side to root for is obvious, and everything is laid out before the reader. It’s engrossing and it’s easy to care for Tamir and all of her friends, particularly Ki. The ending is satisfying, if a bit too predictable. I would definitely reread these books.


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