March 2023
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Blog Tour Book Spotlight: Secrets to Happiness, Sarah Dunn

9780316040310_154x233I’d just like to apologize; I forgot that I was in on this blog tour and I can’t find the book!  It isn’t in my normal pile of due-date-sorted ARCs.  So when I do find it, I will review it ASAP.  Meanwhile here’s a summary from the publisher:

Holly Frick has just endured the worst kind of breakup: the kind where you’re still in love with the person leaving you. While her wounds are still dangerously close to the surface, her happily married best friend confesses over a bottle of wine that she is this close to having an affair. And another woman comes to Holly for advice about her love life–with Holly’s ex!

Holly decides that if everyone around her can take pleasure wherever they find it, so will she. As any self-respecting 30ish New York woman would do, she brings two males into her life: a flawed but endearing dog, and a good natured, much younger lover. She’s soon entangled in a web of emails, chance meetings, and misguided good intentions and must forge an entirely new path to Nirvana.

From the author of The Big Love, Secrets to Happiness is a big-hearted, knife-sharp, and hilariously entertaining story about the perils of love and friendship, sex and betrayal–and a thoroughly modern take on our struggle to be happy.

And the people who are more on task than I am with their reviews:


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