June 2024
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booking through thursday: definition

What, in your opinion, is the definition of a “reader.” A person who indiscriminately reads everything in sight? A person who reads BOOKS? A person who reads, period, no matter what it is? … Or, more specific? Like the specific person who’s reading something you wrote?

This is a hard question. When we add “er” to a word, what do we mean? A runner is someone who runs frequently. A writer is someone who writes frequently. A gamer is someone who games frequently. So, a reader is someone who reads frequently. Reading itself is a definition we posted about four weeks ago, so I’m not going to go into that again. So if you do it frequently and you enjoy it, you are a reader, although I think usually when we use that term we refer to someone who reads books. At least, I would, but I would understand its use in the many other contexts of “reading”.

Readers can also be more specific. People who read my blog are my readers, people who read Stephen King novels are his readers, and so on. It’s all still reading, but when someone takes possession of their readers, it tends to mean that those people are reading whatever that person is producing, regardless of what it is – magazines, websites, books, poems, whatever.

Okay, this question is a tough one, haha! What do you think?


3 comments to booking through thursday: definition

  • I think the runner, the writer, or the reader all do it for the enjoyment, enrichment, or benefit of it.

  • I agree – it was a toughie! Good answer though!

  • I thought this question was weird- I think I answered it almost exactly the same way you did! Thanks for commenting on my White Mary review & I’m glad to hear you liked it,too. The reaction of some of the LT reviewers has been so mixed- sometimes it’s like people read a different book entirely! :-)