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Booking Through Thursday: Library Memories

Whether you usually read off of your own book pile or from the library shelves NOW, chances are you started off with trips to the library. (There’s no way my parents could otherwise have kept up with my book habit when I was 10.) So … What is your earliest memory of a library? Who took you? Do you have you any funny/odd memories of the library?

Well, to be honest, I don’t remember getting books from the library when I was little. I know that I got books from the school libraries occasionally, but my main memory of the public library involves getting out movies. My parents never objected to buying me books and I was an intense re-reader back then, so mostly I read my own books over and over and over, until the magical day that a book order came in or the book fair stopped at my school, at which point I’d acquire a small pile of 7-10 books that I would read and read and read. So I don’t have any good memories of the library from when I was little, unfortunately. I’ve always preferred to own my books and maybe that’s where it started.

I think another reason we never got books from the library is because of an incident that happened when I was in between first and second grade. We were moving to another state and I had checked out some books from the school library. One of them didn’t make it to check-in. Since we’d just packed everything up, my mom was convinced we didn’t have the book and that the kid whose duty it was to return the books must have misplaced it or something. She didn’t end up paying for it, but we did find the book when we unpacked in New Jersey. Oops. I guess I hadn’t returned it after all, although it was an accident!

And that is about all there is to the story of my youth in the library.


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  • I can’t help but wonder if you guys mailed it back to the library.

    My response to the BTT prompt is posted. Come visit.

  • I truly loved my school library. Recently I revisited it!

    Library memories

  • Jen

    I did use the library when I was in maybe first and second grade, but once I got into the Baby Sitters Club books, it was all about owning for me. I had all of them up through 115 or so, plus all of the mysteries and all of the ‘super’ whatever books (super mysteries?) where all of the girls were narrating their own sections. There was no way I could borrow a part of my collection from the library, what if I wanted to read it at 2 am?

  • The library was one of my favorite summer haunts as a child. I don’t go very often anymore with my own library being quite overwhelming though.

  • I just read your MEME and love it….I’m a little late, but HERE is my reply!

  • I read books over and over again too. My mother used to get after me to read new books from the library, not just the same titles again and again.