June 2023
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The Sunday Salon

This is cheating, but I’m writing this entry on Friday night.  I’m flying to England with a connection in France tomorrow evening and I’m not sure I’ll have the mental capacity or the energy to post what I’m reading on Sunday.  I have posts lined up for all the other days, but in case I get off track and can’t post something exciting, here’s what I’m looking forward to getting to on the two days my fiance has to go to work:

Believe it or not, I crammed A LOT of books into my two suitcases and backpack, so I won’t be adrift without books in a foreign land.  I’ll let you all know the final count after I’ve unpacked – I’ve continued sneaking in books until my bags are about to burst!  I hope I don’t realize I’ve forgotten anything, because I don’t have space for anything else.

I’ve made my presence almost unnecessary on this blog for the next week and a half, since I’m going to be spending time with my fiance and going camping (in October in England, we’re crazy, I know) and then moving me in to my room at York, so if you’re new around here and I haven’t gone to visit your blog yet, I’m sorry!  I’ll get to you soon, I promise.

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a fantastic week!


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