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The Sunday Salon: from York for the first time

I am currently in my new room at the University of York.  Well, it could be better; it feels just like a freshman dorm and I was hoping that graduate students would get a bit nicer housing.  I’m just slightly off campus, so I’m not sure I feel safe walking about at night yet.  Let’s not even mention the kitchen and the fact that there are one shower and one toilet for at least 10 people.  And my fiance left an hour ago, which is not making me happy as I have yet to officially meet a single other student.  I have said hello to a few people in the halls, but no one seems to be gathering in the common room or kitchen, so I feel a bit awkward introducing myself to someone randomly walking by.  Tomorrow I am spending the entire day at an induction ceremony for my program, so I expect to meet some other medievalist types there and hopefully make some acquaintances that will turn into friends.  In the meantime I have fifty pages of introductory reading before bed tonight.

I was intending to prepare a post full of photos for you all about York, since I do love it so much here and it’s full of history, but there were too many things that we needed to get for me that we didn’t expect, like a fan, a bunch of lightbulbs, and a power extension cable.  As a result, we spent a ton of time running around the city and its outskirts the past day or so and I didn’t have a chance to wander with my camera.  I hope to do that this week, so expect some pictures next Sunday.

As far as reading goes, I’m not doing much of that either.  I’d like to finish Azincourt by Bernard Cornwell tonight and move on to Descartes’ Bones by Russell Shorto and/or The Fire by Katherine Neville, which are next on my review list.  I did manage to acquire a couple of books this week; rather, today.  They are Rebel by Bernard Cornwell and Quicksilver by Christie Dickason.  Christie also wrote The Firemaster’s Mistress, which I reviewed here, and I’ll be interviewing her tomorrow right here on this blog, so drop by again and check it out.  This week I’m hoping that The Heretic Queen by Michelle Moran arrives so I can get to it right away.  I’m waiting for a couple of other review books as well from generous authors who don’t mind sending to the UK.

My plan for this week: getting back into the school groove, opening a bank account, acquiring a student card so I can enjoy super cheap bus fares, meeting people, and figuring out where the laundry machines are around here.  I hope you all have great weeks and I’d like to see you back here soon!


4 comments to The Sunday Salon: from York for the first time

  • I’m sure you’ll adapt wonderfully. Can’t wait to see some pictures. I’d love to see the dorm room, too.

  • I am so excited for you! I’m with Kathy. I’m really excited to see the pictures. I can’t imagine living in a place with so much history. Good luck getting started. I’ll be thinking of you!

  • Meghan, I am so jealous! You get to spend time in the beautiful, historic city of York. We were there in August (our second visit) and we were able to take a tour of the Minster’s Library. Have you been there? You probably have. If not, go as soon as you have some free time. As a medievalist it will be something you will love. The books are amazing and so is the building. It is open to all and is probably a fantastic resource. They have a pile of old books for sale just to the right of the door as you walk in, they are sort of under a shelf that sticks out. They are super cheap and on all sorts of subjects.

    I will definately be back tomorrow for your interview with Christie Dickason. I have read all of her books and I liked them all. I’ll be interested to read your review of Quicksilver. If you can, try to find the other titles in the trilogy that Quicksilver is part of, The Lady Tree and The Memory Palace. She did a very interesting thing with this trilogy, each book is the same story told from a different character’s perspective. Quicksilver is the third in the series and somehow the ending changes and does not agree with the previous two books. It was intriguing and I puzzled over it for quite some time. I would love to hear what the author has to say about it!

    Good luck on your first day!

  • It’s always daunting to start school – isn’t it amazing how much you can still feel like the awkward kid in middle school? You’d think we would have grown out of that by now! I’m interested to see your review on The Fire.