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The Sunday Salon on Monday

This weekend has been a good example of my blog rolling right along without me.  For those who were wondering why I didn’t leave any comments anywhere, why I didn’t announce a winner for my Paul of Dune giveaway, or why no Sunday Salon post appeared, it’s because I was at my fiance’s.  We were busy Saturday and I intended to get back on Sunday in time to do my giveaway post and report on what I’d been reading on the train.  Well, I got on the very crowded standing room only train Sunday evening, but it had gone about half an hour out of the station when it stopped.  And stood.  For an hour.  Then we heard the news; the train in front of us had struck and killed a person, so we would not be continuing on our route.  We went back to our originating station, which took another 45 minutes, and I decided that it wasn’t worth it to continue on to York.  I didn’t know how late the buses ran, nor what route I’d take to get there, and my ticket was still valid for the next day (today).  The train was still packed and I couldn’t imagine the new route taking any less than the four hours it was going to take in the first place, so now that we were two hours behind, I chose to head back to my fiance’s for the night.  I’m back in York now; today’s journey only took me three hours (not counting bus rides), although I have missed a class and my volunteering slot.  I think I’m forgiven after that, though.

Anyway, I am now a couple of days overdue for announcing the winner of the Paul of Dune contest.  The winner is lucky number one, Amanda at Life and Times of a “New” New Yorker!  I’ll be sending you an email shortly to get your address.  Congratulations!

On the train today I finally finished The Principessa by Christie Dickason.  Quite an exciting read; I’m glad Francis met his match, just like Christie promised in her interview!  Expect a review soon; in the meantime, I liked it.

The rest of today will be spent preparing for the rest of the week rather than reading; hopefully I can get enough done to accomplish some goals this week and catch up on all the blog posts I missed.  I failed miserably last week, so at this point it will be all I can do just to keep the reviews coming.  Have a good week, everyone!


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