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TSS: Back home

Despite the snow, I arrived at my parents’ home yesterday after a heavily delayed and exhausting day of traveling.  Believe me, I’m glad to have waiting in the airport over with, though I’m going to be there again in three weeks.

I had some time to read on the flight, which was probably the journey’s only redeeming feature.  I finished The Concubine of Shanghai, a review book that was taking me forever to read.  The story had merit, but the writing or translation was not up to par and made it very difficult to read quickly.  I spent nearly all week on it, so I’m glad to have it finished.  My reading is slowing greatly in December; work on my essay and lots of time with my fiance are to blame, but those are both worthy causes.  And beyond that, I’m currently reading book number 175, The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, which means I’ll be reaching my goal of books read for the year!  I’ve set 2009’s goal to 200, although I’m not sure I’ll actually be capable of reading that many.  Worth a shot though.

Speaking of The Glass Castle, I’m really enjoying it.  It’s finally one of my own books, so my TBR pile is going down a little bit, and it’s a very oddly absorbing story.  These kids had the weirdest and most unpredictable life, but it seems obvious that their parents loved them and they weren’t necessarily all that unhappy.  I’ll leave the rest for the review, though.

Finally, an apology for being so out of it with my blog this last month.  I’ve had a lot to do and haven’t been at the computer all that much.  I want to devote more attention to it and everyone else’s blogs in 2009, though, after the holiday season is over.  I’m not sure how often I will be here in the next couple of weeks, so I thought I’d say that now.  My reviews will continue to post up until the New Year thanks to playing a bit of catch-up in my free time, but I may not be at this blog much.  I can say I’ll be reading the 37 new ARCs I discovered when I got home though …

Time has been at a premium for me this month.  What about you?  Are you keeping up with your blogging and reviewing?


6 comments to TSS: Back home

  • I’m so impressed that you read and blog so much while you’re in school! You do a great job. Have a Merry Christmas!

  • I’m waaay behind in my blogging- in reviewing and commenting. The holiday season, personal stress, etc. I’m just trying to keep my head above water! :-) I hope you have a great holiday!

  • Color me impressed that you’re upping your goal for next year! I’m actually knocking mine down, just to give my self a little more leeway to re-read some old books (which I don’t count towards my numbers), and to maybe, oh, I don’t know, actually start writing my thesis. :)

    Glad your traveling was safe, even if it was long and unfun.

  • Eva

    I just finished my first semester at grad school, and it definitely took a huge toll on my blogging. Especially when my laptop died halfway through the semester. :( Gotta love winter break!

  • I loved, loved, loved The Glass Castle.

  • My, you do read a lot. I have a copy of The Glass Castle to look forward to also. I will
    come back to read your review.