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TSS: Last in 2008

I’m finding it a little hard to believe that 2008 has only a few days left in it.  Where does the time go?  2007 feels like both yesterday and a million years ago.

Anyway, I’ve been reading a lot this week.  I have reviews scheduled for the next two weeks, so regardless of where I am or what I’m doing, they’ll be posting.  I will probably get even further ahead.  I have 7 books, all ARCs, that I’d like to finish before I head back to the UK on January 9th, so I’ll be reading up a storm over here.  The rest of my ARCs are spaced far apart enough in time that I should be able to get in a lot of my own reading in the next few months.  My book goal for 2009 is not to buy and to read my many, many TBRs.  So far, I have read 181 books this year.  If I can do the same (or meet my goal of 200) in 2009 without buying (is that even possible?) I’ll more than halve my TBR pile and get it back into a manageable state.  Here’s hoping!

Yesterday I finished off both American Buffalo by Steven Rinella and Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay.  Not surprisingly, I enjoyed the second one a lot more than the first.  Reviews for them both will be coming in January.  I also took a little trip back to the past last week by reading Into the Land of the Unicorns and the sequel Song of the Wanderer by Bruce Coville.  I loved the first one when I was little – I think I was 8 when I got it – and I always wondered what happened next.  Coville didn’t write Song of the Wanderer until I was 13 and needless to say, it flew over my radar until I got curious this year.  Then I was lucky enough to find it in a used bookstore for 50 cents!  I really enjoyed it but I’m a little dismayed to discover that it doesn’t finish the story, and neither does the 3rd volume published this year (9 years after Song!).  By the time he writes number four, I might have children of my own!  What a scary thought.

Today, I’m starting Bitter Sweets by Roopa Farooki.  I think this book came out a while ago as I can’t actually remember reading any reviews on it, but I received a review copy while I was gone, so review it I will.  I’m not sure what’s next up, but I hope I get to it today!

Thanks for stopping by and see you next week in 2009!


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