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TSS: No Reading Here

Even though I’ve had my reviews posted as scheduled, I haven’t done any blogging at all this week.  Worse, I haven’t even done any reading.  I managed to complete Twilight on Tuesday (I’ll have a lot to say about that one), but I haven’t picked up a book since then.  To be honest, I needed a break.  I pressured myself to read constantly the first week and a half of the year in order to get a lot in before I got back to York.  I think I burned out on it as a result and I haven’t even missed reading very much.  I know, it’s horrible!

This morning, however, I finally felt like I wanted to pick up a book again.  That’s lucky, because I stopped halfway through A Pale View of Hills by Kazuo Ishiguro on my flight last Saturday and I should probably pick it up again before I forget it all.  Unfortunately, it’s very obvious that this is his first book and he so clearly hasn’t honed the craft that he excels in with The Remains of the Day.  I’ve vowed to read all of his works, though, and this is the second-to-last.

Even more unfortunately, my term officially starts tomorrow and I have a load of art history reading to do, plus all the rest of my work for the week.  That’s not to mention that I really need to start my PhD application if I want to have any hope of funding next year – I can’t afford it without funding – and I haven’t written a review in a week.  There isn’t much reading time ahead for me!

Back to the grind I go, and I hope you all have a lovely week.  I am now officially back and must go read the 700 posts waiting in my google reader!  If you posted something fantastic in the past week, please let me know here and I’ll get there much sooner.


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