March 2024
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Tuesday Thingers

How many books do you have cataloged in your LibraryThing account? How do you decide what to include- everything you have, everything you’ve read- and are there things you leave off?

I’ve got 1010 books in my LT account right now, with one on the way from Amazon.  I have too many books for the room I still live in in my parents’ house.  Luckily I am getting married and moving out next year, so I should be able to spread them out once I have my own place.  Up until very recently, I only included books I physically owned.  Then I decided that eventually LT was going to come out with a collections feature, so I added borrowed books as well.  There are so few of them that it’s not worth having another account for them, honestly.  I also keep books I’ve given away to preserve ratings and recommendations, but there are only a few of those as well.  I do not include wishlist books that I haven’t read, I have a separate account for those.  So basically the books in my library are those that I have read and those that I own.


6 comments to Tuesday Thingers

  • Ha! When you have more room for books, you will just somehow get more books. They really do expand to fill the space. OH and I moved to a 4 bedroom house, just the 2 of us, still managed to fill it full of stuff and what isn’t computers is books, books, books!

    Good luck though!

  • I agree with LyzzyBee, your stuff will start multiplying and before you know it you’ll either need a dumpster or a bigger house!

  • I def have too many books for my room as well! Lol I feel like moving to a bigger room will just give me an excuse to buy more.

  • Meghan

    Oh, I’m not doubting we’ll acquire many more, but at least we’ll have space for a little while!

  • I nearly fell off my chair then… I read the number as 10,000 to start with!

    I haven’t got room for my books, I can’t have them out at the moment so they’re in boxes at the bottom of my bed. I long for a place of my own with perhaps a library… ok I’m going to go away now and dream for a while.

  • More room means more books. :-) I don’t think the fire department would take issue with my book collection, but if I’m not careful, it could become a problem down the road. Haha