April 2024
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Tuesday Thingers: book swapping

Today’s topic: Book-swapping. Do you do it? What site(s) do you use? How did you find out about them? What do you think of them? Do you use LT’s book-swapping column feature for information on what to swap? Do you participate in any of the LT communities that discuss bookswapping, like the Bookmooch group for example?

Nope, I don’t use any online communities to swap books. In fact, there are very few people I will actually let read my books. I don’t like to give them up! When I do, I usually donate them so that others can sell them for a good cause. I’ve contemplated joining Bookmooch, but I know I’d regret giving up the books and I’d probably just buy them again anyway.


3 comments to Tuesday Thingers: book swapping

  • Lol I didn’t think of that! I’d probably end up buying them back too :)

  • I use Paperback Swap and really like it. There are some books that I know I will never read again and so they are taking up valuable space! I don’t swap all my books – there are a lot that I keep. I have managed to get quite a few out of print books through PBS though.

  • i have to really want to get rid of a book to swap it, but over time I’ve become less attached to my books.I just really like it as a resource to get books too :-)