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Tuesday Thingers: bookstores

What’s your favorite bookstore? Is it an online store or a bricks-and-mortar store? How often do you go book shopping? Is your favorite bookstore (or bookstores) listed as a favorite in LT? Do you attend events at local bookstores? Do you use LT to find events?

I can’t say I really have a favorite bookstore. I like to buy books in multiple places. My favorite atmosphere has always been at the Barnes and Noble near where I live – big and wooden and cozy. Right now, my favorite bookstore is a new one I found called The Book Barn. It’s a charity bookstore associated with St Clare’s Hospital and all the books are $2 or less. It’s nice to make great finds, know that my money is going to a good cause, and have a place to donate those books that I don’t want to give away here. Usually, I only donate books that I really hate in the hopes that someone else might get some small enjoyment from them. When I have wishlist books that I haven’t found there in a while, I go to Amazon for them because it’s the cheapest and I can get free shipping and not spend money on gas.

I go about once a week.  It’s bad because I usually acquire 10+ books and I definitely don’t read that many in a week, but I can’t resist the lure.  It’s not listed in LT because I haven’t put it in there yet, but I have a couple of other favorites listed that I enjoyed up in Boston, like the Harvard Coop and Back Pages Books in my college town of Waltham.

I would attend events if they interested me, but there are never any in my area. LT local came a little too late for when I was living in the Boston area, otherwise I probably would have. I’m hoping for some interesting events in York, where I am moving in October, since there seem to be a lot of independents around there.


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  • good luck with your move! your charity bookstore sounds great. :-)

  • York, where? MASS still? I thinks it’s fantastic to buy books where you know the money you spend is actually going to go to help people. I buy books at the Catholic thrift store (when they have new stuff, because I’ve already picked everything over) I know it’s going to a good cause… Not entirely convinced about Goodwill, thought. And my library has raised their sale prices through the roof. I might as well buy new for a couple dollars more. At least I know they’re not all paw-ed over. :-o

  • Meghan

    Thanks, Marie! It is great. =)

    I’m moving to York, England, Kool-Aid Mom. :D Going to grad school there. Well, as long as I get a visa, that is. I agree, knowing that the money is going to a good cause gives me a great excuse to build up my TBR pile and feel all fuzzy inside …

  • Jen

    I agree about liking to know the money is going to a good cause. It helps me justify bringing home MORE books that I don’t have time to read.

    I like the atmosphere places like Barnes and Nobles, but I can’t afford to buy more than 2 or 3 books there at a time, and that just makes me sad for all the little books who get left behind!

  • Our B & N makes me feel a bit too claustrophobic. It’s the only one in the city. For the population, it needs to be larger. All the other bookstores closed. :(

  • The Boston area sounds like such a wonderful place for book lovers – I’m so envious! Actually, the Washington DC area is great, too – but since it’s a fairly long Metro-ride away, I don’t go there very often these days. Your move to England sounds really exciting. I’ve only been to York in the summertime, but it was always lovely then.

  • Until I read the Comments I assumed York, Maine (and was thinking of all the little nook and cranny bookstores in Portland!) oops!

    I’ll have to check out Back Pages Books, I haven’t heard of it … thanks for the tip!

  • That’s so great that the money goes to charity!

    Amazon’s my number one, but I do love the atmosphere of B&N.

  • Jen

    Hey, I tagged you for the Book Buzz meme, it is fun! Here’s my post: