June 2024
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Tuesday Thingers: Memes

Today’s questions from Marie at The Boston Bibliophile:

What other weekly memes or round robins do you participate in? Is this the only one? Why Tuesday Thingers and not some other weekly Tuesday meme? Or do you do more than one?

I regularly participate in three memes: this one, Booking Through Thursday, and The Sunday Salon. I like them because usually, other book bloggers post interesting things and they allow me to discover new blogs without too much time and effort. I’ve considered joining Friday Finds because I always find those posts interesting from the blogs I already read, but every week since I discovered it, I’ve acquired a ridiculous number of books.  Posting about each one would take more time than I really want to invest in a meme. Perhaps in the future when I acquire fewer books after moving away from my favorite cheap bookstore.

I believe I’ve been with Tuesday Thingers since the beginning, or at least close to it. Marie asks some interesting questions and I enjoy reading what the other LibraryThing bloggers have to say about various features of LT. I’ve done a fair amount of exploring so none of the questions have introduced me to a new concept, but they have caused me to think about just why I do things over there. I like the community and I expect I will be participating in Tuesday Thingers for some time to come!


8 comments to Tuesday Thingers: Memes

  • I think that’s the worst part of memes- the accumulation of more reading material. My backlog of TBR is getting crazy.

  • Somehow a crazy TBR (I call all my lists-by-genre “NTR” lists–Need To Read) rather comforting. I’m assured that I’ll never, ever run out of reading material. Bring on all those great recommendations!

  • That is the joy of it all – I always go to the bookstore with nothing specific in mind. Now I have a list a mile long. Probably helps me stay focused on books I am pretty sure I will like.

  • I have also thought about taking part in Friday Finds, but it seems like every week I bring home an overwhelming amount of books.

  • I know what your saying about the TBR stack getting higher the last couple months! So much to read and so little time! I’ve just gotta stop or be more picky about what ARC I request!!!

  • I’m still just with Tuesday Thingers :) Until I can dedicate more time to reviewing, I don’t want to join any more memes.

  • I love Tuesday Thingers, too. BTW, I sent off your book via Media Mail. I hope it gets to you soon. :)

  • I’m really afraid to take a look at Friday Finds. I know I’ll become addicted to that one, too. And I obviously don’t really need one more meme! Tuesday Thingers has been fun, though – I’ve learned so much that I didn’t know about LibraryThing.