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Tuesday Thingers: Quotes

Today’s Question: Have you ever added a quote to the quotation field in common knowledge? What’s a quote you particularly like from a book, one that you know by heart?

Nope! I’ve added very little to common knowledge, actually. Some characters’ names and author genders and such, easy stuff that I know off-hand and can put in without too much work. I’m not a big quote person. Maybe I should be, I do come across quotes that I love, but I never seem to write them down or remember them, and usually it doesn’t bother me very much. So I don’t really have any memorized, except for obvious ones like the opening to Pride and Prejudice. I have a particularly good quote that I noted in my livejournal a few months back, though, that I will share.

“Joscelin, is love supposed to make you feel like you’re sick and dying, and mad enough to hit someone, and drunk with joy, and your heart’s a boulder in your chest trying to burst into a thousand pieces, all at once?”

Kushiel’s Justice, Jacqueline Carey

I noted this one because it sums up perfectly how I felt when I was frustrated by love in the beginning, and while it’s settled into a much more comfortable phase since then, it can still cause those emotions, all at once. This is part of the reason I love Jacqueline Carey; this is the first time in the series that she’s summed it up like that, but she does a brilliant job showing what love is and even in a fantasy novel, the emotions she portrays are genuine and very true to life. There is a reason she’s one of my favorite authors.


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