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TSS: April 2011 Reading Wrap-Up

I can hardly believe it’s already May – I’m sure it was Christmas just a week ago! April has been an excellent month with a lot of leisure time. We’ve had an extra bank holiday in the UK for the royal wedding, so I am deep into my second four-day weekend and enjoying it immensely. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that I wish royalty got married more often! It was also quite a lovely wedding. I’ve mainly ignored all the build-up and endless speculation, but found myself glued to the TV when it was happening, as it was almost like watching a real life romance. I had never expected them to look so very much in love, for whatever reason, and I find myself genuinely happy for them and hoping that this marriage actually works out.

Anyway, on to the reading! I have been doing a lot of reading with my free time, as always, plus the Read-a-thon was this month, which added up to a total of 22 books read for this month. I don’t think I’ve read so much in a month since I started working!



My favorite non-fiction book for the month is easy – Heretics by Jonathan Wright is the obvious front runner! I’m struggling to choose a fiction favorite, as always, but I loved The Color Purple, If I Stay, The Paris Wife, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Russian Winter.

On the agenda for May, I am planning some book lists – I have never done one before, but with two potential European trips for later this year, I really want to ensure I get some good location based reading in. I’ll be posting about those as and when I make them up. I also have a number of books I’d like to get to:

  • Madame Tussaud, Michelle Moran
  • Lady of the English, Elizabeth Chadwick (an early review)
  • A Discovery of Witches, Deborah Harkness
  • Blood Work, Holly Tucker
  • The Native Star, M.K. Hobson
  • Shades of Gray, Jasper Fforde
  • At Home, Bill Bryson

I hope I can fit all of those in and not get distracted!

How was your reading month? Do you have any plans for May?

I am an Amazon Associate. I received some of these books for free for review.


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