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TSS: November 2011 Reading Wrap-Up

I believe this has been the quietest blogging month I’ve ever had. For about half the month, I was neck deep in NaNoWriMo, but when I finally gave up, I had two of the following busiest weeks all year long, as I have probably mentioned in previous Salons. As a result – not only have I not been writing, I haven’t been reading much either, although, on the gaming front, I did manage to finish Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.The truth is that I miss reading quite a bit, even with the 12 books I read this month, and blogging even more, so I hope that I’ll get more finished in December!

Here’s what I read this month, with links to reviews where I’ve managed to write them:

  1. Storm Front, Jim Butcher
  2. The Buddha in the Attic, Julie Otsuka
  3. Rome, Robert Hughes
  4. Flawless, Carrie Lofty
  5. The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern
  6. Trouble at the Wedding, Laura Lee Guhrke
  7. Praetorian, Simon Scarrow
  8. A Moveable Feast, Ernest Hemingway
  9. The Shakespeare Thefts, Eric Rasmussen
  10. The Name of the Star, Maureen Johnson
  11. The Bungalow, Sarah Jio
  12. Tam Lin, Pamela Dean

Top of the Month

the buddha in the attic
An easy choice this month!
What’s Ahead
I don’t want to make any promises with my free time being what it is these days, and with Christmas coming up. But I have a lot of reviews for amazing books already scheduled for the end of the month, and I have a few exciting books to review for you in the next couple of weeks. Planned reviews include:

  • The Plantagenets, Derek Wilson
  • The Age of Chivalry, Hywel Williams
  • Matilda, Tracy Borman
  • The Peach Keeper, Sarah Addison Allen

Finally, I’m guest posting a few places in the near future – Jodie and I are reading The Broken Kingdoms jointly for Lady Business, I’ll be on Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Books this week, and I’ve written a gaming review for Mana Pool. This week, I’m also excited to say I will be finally publishing my history and historical fiction gift guides, so look out for those!

Wishing you all wonderful reading months! How was November?


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