April 2024
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The Sunday Salon

Good morning Saloners! It feels like a very long time since I last wrote a Sunday Salon post, and that’s because I last wrote one over a month ago. I’m at one of those points in life where time seems to simultaneously fly by and slow down, depending on where I am or what I’m doing. I haven’t been travelling too much recently, which has been a nice break, although my wanderlust has become overwhelming at times now that I’m used to being out and about.

Fortunately, I’m not going to stay bound at home for too long; next month I’ll be travelling with a couple of friends from college through Munich, Berlin, and Prague over the course of a week. I’m looking forward to adding on more cities to my ever-growing list of places I’ve visited, and I hope that I’m not finished for the year yet. I’d love to go to either Scotland, camping around various parts with my husband, or Istanbul later this year. But we’ll see how our financial situation pans out over the next couple of months first.

At home, I’ve applied for my provisional driving license; I can drive in the US, but I’ve never been licensed to drive in the UK, mainly because I don’t know how to drive a manual car. I’m about to change that, I just need the provisional license to come back to me first. I’m apprehensive about it, but at the same time driving myself will give me a lot more freedom and save my husband the tedium of taking me everywhere that’s not within walking distance.

I’m also catching up on my science fiction TV shows. Ever since I discovered that I actually enjoy science fiction, I’ve been addicted to it. Right now, we’re just starting both Battlestar Galactica and Babylon 5, and I’m really looking forward to watching both of them. I haven’t seen enough of either to comment just yet, but I will soon.

I’ve even been reading a considerable amount – some of which actually won’t get reviewed here. But I’ve been addicted to Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassin books in particular. I’ve read four of them and while I don’t think I can give each an individual review, they are perfect after I’ve spent a long, stressful day at work. I also just finished the eighth Dresden Files book and am already clamoring for more. Hopefully, things at work should calm down in the next few weeks, and I’ll be able to devote more brain power to non-fiction. I’m obviously trying; I’ve got what looks to be a fascinating book on heresy in the Middle Ages ready for me to read it, but I’m a bit wary of how long it will take given the current mood. We’ll see!

What’s new with all of you? Have fantastic weeks!


8 comments to The Sunday Salon

  • yay, Babylon 5! I was a big fan back in the day (to the point of buying some of the tie-in novels because I HAD to know what happened to certain characters after the show ended), and I’ve actually been considering a rewatch. Enjoy! Also, the trips you have planned sound really exciting.

  • Carl struggled with driving over there. The hardest part for him was having the rear view mirror on his left instead of his right. Good luck with your license!

  • I started BSG awhile ago and really liked it, but life interfered. I need to go back to it!

  • Good luck with your driving. I’m sure you’re going to get it. :-) It’s been years since I’ve watched Babylon 5! The memories it’s bringing back. Have a good week!

  • I love BSG! Another good sci-fi series is The 4400.

    I watch House Hunters to quiet my escapist fantasies. This month seems to be going by sooo sloooowwwwwllllly. Oh, I just learned how to drive a manual last year! My aunt taught me and I was really proud of myself once I learned it. :)

  • Your travel plans sound exciting! I’m embarrassed to say I’ve only heard of the programmes you mention, never seen them.

  • I love Battlestar Galactica! (I presume your on about the newer remake?)I am always trying to get more people to watch it because you don’t necessarily need to be a science-fiction fan to enjoy it. I think it is like the best gritty drama you can think of…but then set in space :-D

  • Driving in the UK was terrifying for me at first, but I did it. Good luck!