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The Sunday Salon: NaNoWriMo

tssbadge1Yesterday, I said I was starting my participation in NaNoWriMo today.  And I have officially begun.  I wrote 2000 words this morning, so I’m off to a good start.  If anyone would like to add me as a buddy over there, please do – my username is medievalbookworm.  I’m writing a historical romance novel for two reasons; I always thought I could, and I know how it will end, which has always stymied me in the past when writing longer works of fiction.  If I know the ending, surely I will be able to somehow get the novel there.  I just want to see how it goes and that involves choosing the easiest genre (for me) to write.  Although to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if mine was the tamest romance ever – I prefer the ones without explicit scenes, believe it or not.  I don’t particularly want anyone to read it, but I’m happy that it’s moving along nicely and I found it fairly easy to write.  In fact, I might even write more later, as the feeling is surprisingly exhilarating.

In other bookish news, I have plenty to read these days.  I have a library loot post coming up this week with several weeks’ worth of loot, but my most exciting find was Kazuo Ishiguro’s new short story collection, Nocturnes.  How can I resist Ishiguro?  He’s one of my favorite authors and I had a moment of absolute glee when I saw it in the new book section.  I don’t think these stories are going to stay unread for very long.  I also finished Ash by Malinda Lo last night and I unexpectedly adored it, so I’m for once looking forward to writing a review.  I was feeling frustrated with my reading last week, but I think all I needed was a change of pace, reading what I want to read rather than what I need to review.  I think if I intersperse reading that I choose with the review copies, things will go much more smoothly.  In all honesty I don’t have very many books for review – I’ve stopped requesting at all and only accept if I think a book will be very good – so this should not be a challenge.  So, today I’m going to be reading Nocturnes and Heart’s Blood by Juliet Marillier, and after I’m finished with them I will try and go back to read a review copy.

I’m not sure which books will be ahead this week; I’m just going to see how I feel.  What are you planning on reading this week?


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