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TSS: Well, that was an event!

For those of you who weren’t on Twitter yesterday and noticed that my blog brought up an error screen, we had an incident with our host and it seems that the site was hacked and reported for phishing.  And it has happened before.  So!  We made a switch to a new host, and after about a day of uncertainty and having my blog completely unavailable intermittently, things have been resolved!  I may have lost some comments if you made them yesterday, so please repost if you can.  And of course I have to thank Keith for fixing everything and engineering and paying for the move.  I’m a lucky girl.  =)

So, here we are with the same URL and the same RSS feed, but I’ve taken this opportunity to make some changes around here.  First of all, I have a shiny new install of wordpress, which you can’t see but trust me, the whole admin part of my site is completely different and I have a lot to play around with.  I didn’t realize how old my last wordpress install was.  I also took this opportunity to change my theme and upload some of my own images.  A few things might be changing over the next few days.  I have to add some blog awards and links to the sidebar mainly, but this is what I have time for now.  If you’re linking to me and I’m not linking to you, please let me know.  I’ll be trying to add my favorite google reader blogs, but I missed so many before and want to avoid that happening again.

While you’re here, refresh a few times.  The header changes!  How cool is that?  I’m thrilled that I can use my own pictures for my header now.

In the midst of my frustration yesterday, I endeavored to avoid the computer and finished two books.  The first was Drood by Dan Simmons, which will be touring here and elsewhere in the book blog world on February 27th.  I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s historical fiction featuring Wilkie Collins and Charles Dickens.  Not much can go wrong there!  Then I was annoyed with my inability to write the reviews I had planned on, so I read Romancing Mister Bridgerton by Julia Quinn.  Not as fantastic as the first three Bridgertons, but a good distraction.  I haven’t had time to start American Rust yet, but that will be for a bit later today, after I get some work out of the way.  I need to come up with some dissertation and essay ideas, which is a bit too much for my little exasperated brain, but I will give it my best shot.


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