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Review: Magic Slays, Ilona Andrews

magic slaysPlease note that Magic Slays is book five in a series. This review will assume you have read the first four books in the series.

After quitting the Order of Knights of Merciful Aid, Kate Daniels has attempted to strike out on her own with her own business. Unfortunately, she has failed to win many new clients, because the Order is busy spreading rumors against her. Moreover, Kate is now the acknowledged mate of the Beast Lord, which keeps certain people well away from her. When Ghastek, one of Atlanta’s Masters of the Dead, finally contracts for her services, Kate is thrilled, but not for long as she confronts a new menace to the world she knows and the people she’s finally grown to care about.

I reread the entire series in preparation for this book, something I hardly ever do but which I felt was very warranted. I’ve said far and wide that this is one of my favorites, somehow making me completely fall in love with prickly, brave yet vulnerable Kate and the many characters who populate the world around her. It was absolutely delightful to spend so much time in this universe; once you’ve grown an affection for the characters, it’s easy to enjoy all of the books even more.

And then I moved on to this one, which is a game changer, which feels just as epic as the last few. I’m not sure how long the series is going to last, because there are certainly threats hanging over Kate’s head and she can only delay them for so long. Another one of the characters who Kate loves comes into grave danger in this book, with her increased vulnerability becoming ever more obvious to her. She was trained to let no one in, and now that she’s let in a ton of people, she’s become more at risk than ever. Watching that transformation has been one of the best parts of the series for me, and now it’s coming full circle as she confronts the consequences.

One of the fun parts of this book was learning more about Kate’s past and getting an insight into where her parents came from. We’ve slowly gained bits and pieces of Kate’s past and heritage, with the pace increasing over the past couple of books. This time, we learned more about Kate’s mother, who hasn’t featured very strongly in previous books, and Kate’s history on that side of the family.

With every book I continue to wonder what’s going to happen in the finale; I think there is only one outcome to this series (which has two books left) and I am looking forward to where it goes. What is certain for me is that the quality hasn’t dropped at all and, if anything, each book has simply gotten better. I’m already waiting for book six with anticipation.

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