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Review: The Well of Lost Plots, Jasper Fforde

Thursday Next retreats into the Well of Lost Plots to avoid getting into more trouble with Goliath and the Chronoguard in the real world.  With a baby on the way and her husband Landen erased from everyone’s memory but hers, she wants to stay safe, and the best way to do that is to take up residence in a failing detective novel.  Unfortunately, trouble finds Thursday even when she’s hiding, as she must battle the new book upgrade, save the novel she has moved into, and figure out why Jurisfiction agents are being murdered.

As with the other books I’ve read by Jasper Fforde, this one is a treat.  My favorite part is unquestionably the many literary references sprinkled throughout the text.  We visit Alice In Wonderland, Great Expectations, Wuthering Heights, and several other literary destinations as well as hints.  For example, Mr. Toad from The Wind in the Willows has a never-ending battle with Miss Haversham to see who can drive the fastest.  During a meeting, everyone present remarks constantly that they are waiting for Godot.  Humpty Dumpty and his nursery rhyme cohorts need to be satisfied; their stories aren’t always written down and they want equal rights with book characters.  I think it’s those sneaky hints and literary connections that make these books great.

I did wonder a little bit why Thursday wasn’t gung ho about finding Landen.  She has to battle her own memories to keep him alive and that certainly means a lot to her, but she uses the excuse of the baby to stop going out into the real world.  Of course, she’s in plenty of danger in the Well of Lost Plots, too, but I guess gigantic monsters aren’t as scary as the Goliath corporation.  You could also say that one is expected and one is not, but, well, I’m nitpicky.  ;)

Anyway, after reading this I feel I have definitely gotten back into the Thursday Next groove.  This was a library book and I actually own book 4, but it’s at my parents’.  So it’ll be at least July or so until I can read the next one, but I’m really looking forward to it.

The Well of Lost Plots is available from Amazon and Amazon UK.


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