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Review: His Wicked Kiss, Gaelen Foley

Having read and mildly disliked the first of the Spice trilogy, I decided to go with this one next, given that I’d heard it was better and completed the Knight Miscellany.

Eden Farraday is sick and tired of living in the jungle with her botanist father.  She desperately wants to return to London, but ever since her mother’s death, her father has been convinced that London is a deadly place and refuses to take her back.  He doesn’t concede even when they lose funding, even though his assistant desperately wants Eden and she doesn’t want him back, or even when the opportunity arises with the arrival of Sir Jack Knight.  Jack is heading back to London and could take the family, but Eden’s father refuses.  So, no one should be particularly surprised when Eden is found as a stowaway on Jack’s ship.  Jack agrees to take her with him for a scandalous price, but finds that instead he finds a family and a love while making Eden’s wildest dreams come true.

I liked this one much better.  I could relate to the characters; Jack’s self-imposed exile made more sense once his history was completely revealed.  As for Eden, on the other hand, what young girl doesn’t dream of glittering ballrooms and handsome men falling desperately in love with her?  Isn’t that half of what these books capitalize on anyway?  So, very believable, and I thought the romance was better too.  This couple had the time to get to know each other.  Occasionally Jack frustrated me by being one of those controlling males that some authors seem to think we like, but overall, I did enjoy this.  Recommended for romance fans.

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3 comments to Review: His Wicked Kiss, Gaelen Foley

  • Thanks for the review.

  • erika

    I seriously loved 2/3 of this book and the rest just annoyed me to the point where i could not even stand to read the rest or it. The story started out great, I loved Jack Knight and Eden Farraday but as the story progressed and they arrived to civilization, i just hated Eden so much i had to just stop reading the book and i’m the type of person who needs to finish what i’ve started even if i have to stay up until morning. Eden’s personality changed and it annoyed me that her simple kiss or apologies are always accepted because Jack loves her so much. She was so blinded by her childhood dreams and i thought it was quite pathetic to be freakin’ blinded for 1/3 of the book. Also, after she ignores and hurts Jack for dozens of pages, she realizes that she’s wrong and she was forgiven for a kiss?!!! Okay, so it’s all good after she was forgiven but after 3 or 5 pages she would do something again that would hurt Jack and after he’s f*cking hurt badly(emotionally)… she would realize AGAIN that she was wrong and he means the world to her. Seriously, if she was not pretty and Jack did not love her for her old self, he would probably have left her after so many freakin’ mistakes after the other!!!! I’m sorry if i’m so heated over here. It’s just that i just stopped reading the book all together after reading 402 out of 434 pages. When she was kidnapped, i thought, well, i’m guessing that Jack would be the one fighting Connor for her after what she has done to him AGAIN and that would just piss the heck out of me. I would rather read a book that has a bad intro than a vexing climax upto the part where the man and the woman would reconcile for the next 10 or so pages. Eden started out as a character that i seriously admired but vexingly ended up as the reason i could not read the 32 more pages of the book.

  • nire

    This is one of my favourite books. I love the chemistry that Eden and Jack have. I’m with the last reviewer though, I was so tired of her hurting him over and over again. He said he was sorry… and he didn’t committ adultery.. so she should have moved on.
    I’m a sucker for a good ending though, so I thought when little ‘Johnny’ was lying on jack chest … it was beautiful haha!