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Review: Legend of the White Wolf, Terry Spear

Faith heads to Canada in an attempt to find her ex-boyfriend, Hilson, who stole her father’s research paper, and to figure out what has her father so excited.  Cameron is there looking for two missing partners.  Thanks to a mix-up in their hotel, Faith ends up in his room after he’s just taken a shower.  Nothing happens, but they realize they’re heading in the same direction.  Almost immediately, they’re thrown into a confusing world of werewolves and people intent on eliminating them.  As their lives change drastically, Faith and Cameron find themselves falling in love.

I really enjoyed Terry Spear’s last offering in this series, so I was really looking forward to this one.  I read very few romances set in the present, but the werewolf elements liven these books up.  I love Spear’s lupus garou universe, even though the characters were new to me in this one.  Both Faith and Cameron are bitten and their first transformations are really interesting.  Cameron for one doesn’t even realize he’s a werewolf at first; he thinks he’s just dreaming but is confused by the fact that everything is the same when he supposedly wakes up. I’m sure it would be difficult to realize that you’re a werewolf when you don’t even believe that they exist!

The romance was sweet, too.  I thought Cameron and Faith were a little too hasty when it came to jumping into bed, but they definitely bonded over their shared predicament.  I liked Cameron in particular; he was an extremely compelling character and I could believe in his feelings for Faith.  I felt for her, especially given her ex-boyfriend’s bad behavior, but he was just that much more appealing.  The secondary characters were not too detailed, but I was given enough that I wouldn’t mind reading their stories, too.

Legend of the White Wolf and all of Terry Spear’s books would be great choices for paranormal romance fans, especially those who are tired of always reading about vampires!

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